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**NEW** Triad Brendon Smith Deck (MSRP $169.95)

Triad Scooters

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Arguably the greatest of all time now has his first Triad signature deck. We all know what Brendon is capable of on a scooter, so we wanted to develop a product that allows him to do what he does without impediment. A lightweight, perfectly balanced deck made from only the best materials available. Complete with deck artwork by the renown artist Rhys Cooper with detail previously unseen in the scooter industry.

  • Triad Mini Gridlock
  • 83 degree head tube angle
  • Back end designed for pegs
  • Choice of a brake or fender with our exclusive V2 Triad Fend Off 2 in 1 brake and fender system. Compatible with up to 30mm (W) x 120mm (H) wheels.
  • Comes standard with our amazing clear cast grip tape.
  • Integrated headset cups. 
  • Stronger and more rigid 7 series aluminum. 
  • Exclusive Bendon Smith grizzly hand drawn graphics.
  • Deck Size: 4.7" x 19.5", Weight: 1.38kg/48.67oz
  • Deck Size: 4.7" x 20.5", Weight: 1.42kg/50.08oz